Conscious Healing empowers  you to take conscious control over your health and happiness

Conscious Healing empowers  you to take conscious control over your health and happiness


Change your life


It uses your own body’s healing powers, the healing power of nature and the power of your subconscious mind to create the life of your dreams

Conscious Healing

Conscious Healing empowers you to take control over your health and happiness. It enhances your body’s healing powers using a holistic and integrative approach that combines natural and conventional therapies. You can prevent most chronic illnesses from occuring, and help recovery from all serious diseases including cancer, strokes, heart attacks, chronic arthritis and mental illness. The healing process is based on tackling the root causes of disease that tend to be common in all chronic illness to a greater or lesser extent. These are the following ten pillars of health:

Believing in your body’s healing power
Having a purpose in life and commitment to the future
Supporting your microbiome and natural immunity
Healthy nutrition
Exercising, moving, improving blood flow and oxygenation
Eliminating excessive stress and anxiety
Reducing your exposure to environmental toxins
Detoxifying your body
Inermittent fasting
Reducing inflammation that triggers many diseases

I overcame rapidly spreading bladder cancer (Stage3, Grade4) that was diagnosed in 2017. I was told I would have less than two years to live unless I had my bladder, prostate gland and lymph glands surgically removed, and that I needed to have this operation immediately as the cancer was rapidly spreading. I refused to have the operation and healed myself in less than twelve months using the power of my mind and natural therapies.

We now know the underlying causes of nearly all chonic illnesses and have the ability to heal these  illnesses using the power of the mind and natural therapies. Less than 10% of illnesses are caused by inherited genes and even in these cases the risk of these diseases occuring can be reduced by adopting the the ten pillars of health.

My name is Trevor Morris and I am the founder of Conscious Healing and author of the book ‘The tree of becoming’.

BSc joint honours degree in Maths and Physics, London University
Diploma in Management Studies
Former Chief Environmental Protection Officer, Bradford UK

Qualified to practise:
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
Mindfulness and Meditation

Lives in Halifax, England


Natural Therapies

This page gives you access to useful information on a range of natural therapies that can support ‘conscious healing’ to:

Make changes in your life
Improve your health
Become your true authentic self

These therapies will help you overcome both physical and psychological barriers that stand in your way. They are not alternatives to conventional medicine but should be used as part of an integrative approach to healing. You should continue to consult a medical professional for any concerns you have about your physical or mental health.


In recent years there has been progress treating many forms of cancer using conventional therapy, but for certain cancers there has been little progress for decades.

The incidence of cancer is growing partly due to the ageing of the population and also increased levels of toxicity, deficiencies in the food we eat, and increasing levels of organic and inorganic chemicals in our environment.

Integrative therapy combines conventional medicine with natural forms of healing using a more holistic approach. It focuses on reversing the underlying root causes of disease that lead to chronic illness over time.

The Tree of Becoming

The Tree of Becoming

This book contains a treasure trove of guidance, inspiration and practical exercises.
THE TREE OF BECOMING successfully draws upon a range of spiritual teachings and indicates how these are relevant and applicable today. Within these pages you will be delighted by the masterful arrangement of such topics as cultivating gratitude, giving and receiving love and creating a sense of well-being in your life. The book also provides a series of simple, enjoyable yet powerful exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily life.
Endorsement by Dr Melanie Chan, Author

Talks and workshops

Conscious Healing offers a series of short talks outlining the benefits of Integrative Medicine and weekend workshops on how to Transform your Life and make the changes you wish to make in your life.


These cover numerous areas of particular interest usually of an unusual nature. For example this illustration relates to a blog about The third Essene Mirror. This mirror reflects back to us something we have lost, given away, or had taken away in our life.