How to overcome insomnia


I have experienced two bad periods of insomnia in my life and I know just how   exhausting and demoralizing this condition can be. I no longer suffer from insomnia  as a result of changes I have made in my habits and attitudes towards sleep.
Insomnia has many causes and you need to find what is effective for you.

 These are the things that helped me to improve my sleep:

Only drinking coffee in the morning and no caffeine after mid-day.
Not eating too much late in the day.
Having some moderate exercise and fresh air every day.
When worried about something , sitting  down quietly, deciding what (if any) action I can take ,and then letting the worry go.
Having an ‘I am now going to go to sleep’ ritual that I stick to. For me this is having a shower and cleaning my teeth  followed by reading a few pages of a book (you can decide on any other ritual that feels right for you. If you have a strong spiritual belief you may wish to say a short prayer).
Before trying to go to sleep, accepting any worries I have, and asking my unconscious mind to resolve these worries while I am asleep.
If I can’t go to sleep for half an hour, or wake up for half an hour, getting up and doing something I enjoy until I feel tired.
When I am in bed, imagining being somewhere beautiful and relaxing and breathing in a sense of joy and peace.

There is a lot more information on tackling insomnia in my book ‘The tree of becoming: A guide to the seven principles of conscious healing and transformation’.


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