Increasing Your Vital Energy

Vital Energy

It is well documented by science that all living organisms have a distinct ‘energy body’ made up of pure vibrations: this is sometimes referred to as the aura, etheric body or vital force.

Russian physicist, Dr Konstantin Korotkov, and other scientists in Russia, Australia and Switzerland have carried out research into this vital energy. As a result of their research, we know that our energy body is the blueprint or template within which our physical body continually recreates its self. Kirlian photographs of the auras of leaves show that their auras continue to exist for a short time after the physical leaves have been destroyed. If the energy body of an organism is distorted in any way, this will cause some form of disease or deformity at a physical level. Distortions in the energy body can be inherited or caused by physical or psychological trauma in the life of an individual. It is also likely that our energy body is adversely affected by exposure to unnatural energy sources in our environment. These include:

Contaminated de-energised water
Chemicalised and genetically modified food
Air pollution
Electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and other electronic equipment

Contaminated water has a random disorganised energy pattern; natural spring water, however, has a beautiful vibrant structure. The cells of the human body can use the energy from clean natural water to vitalise their own activity. A similar situation applies to the air we breathe and the food that we eat. We need clean uncontaminated air and naturally grown food to vitalise our physical bodies.

Here are some things to consider if you want to increase your body’s vital energy:

The advice given in Chapter 3 of the book ‘The Tree of Becoming’ about being your natural self. When you suppress your own personality and feelings you block the natural flow of energy in your body.
Spend time in the fresh air as often as you can. Avoid breathing contaminated air from traffic pollution and smoke. Have plenty of plants in your home and in your working environment.
Check that you are drinking clean unpolluted water and consider whether you need to filter your water.
Eat organically grown food where possible, consider growing your own vegetables, and reduce or stop consuming meat.
If you are feeling depleted in energy over a period of time, consider seeing a therapist such as a homeopath, acupuncturist, naturopath or herbal practitioner.
Learn yoga, tai chi, chi gong or martial arts. All of these practices involve working with the body’s energy.