Subliminal Suggestion

All of us know that commercial advertising in the media is aimed at persuading us to buy and use particular products. Most of us also realise that the techniques used in advertising are often indirect and subtle. For example: very often a product is associated with other things that many of us desire such as freedom, a romantic partner or a healthy lifestyle. Although the product does not claim to provide these things directly we are enticed or ‘hypnotised’ to believe this at an unconscious level. I use subliminal suggestion to help clients feel more confident and to visualize changes they wish to manifest in their lives. I establish with the client a series of ‘intentions’ before doing a healing session and include these indirectly in guided meditation. I am helping the person to dream the dream they would like to become ‘reality’ in their lives. I use this technique alongside other forms of healing such as homeopathy, cognitive behavioural therapy and emotional freedom technique.

If you are interested in understanding or using subliminal suggestion, I suggest that you study the techniques used by the American psychologist Milton Erickson and the work of the English illusionist Derren Brown. Derren Brown is famous for demonstrating how magic, illusion, hypnotism and subliminal suggestion actually work.

Subliminal suggestion can be a powerful tool for helping a person or people change their behaviour. It should only be used with the understanding and permission of the people you are working with. Alternatively you may use subliminal techniques to help change your own subconscious beliefs.