The mirror of family

The mirror of family is the mirror provided by your mother and father. It reflects back to you the spiritual qualities you need to develop within your inner self. These qualities are those of your divine ‘mother’ and ‘father’ that you need to discover within your self.

Mother: love, security, nurturing, teaching, approval, initiation into womanhood
Father: love, protection, discipline, guiding, approval, initiation into manhood

We need to bear in mind that these feminine and masculine qualities will be present in both our mother and father in differing degrees. Normally we would learn about these qualities from one or both our parents. Each of us has a unique mix of feminine and masculine qualities: each of us is a unique expression of divine consciousness (God). If you have inherited parents who do not have these qualities, life may be a struggle for you emotionally. On the other hand, if your parents have provided you with security, unconditional love and approval you have a head start in life. Whatever the case, this mirror challenges you find your own connection with the divine within you.

If your parents rejected you, tried to control you or hurt you in other ways, you are being asked to develop belief and strength within your self. You will need to rely heavily on your own inner conscience and guidance. It is not easy to forgive our parent(s) if we had a ‘bad’ upbringing, but forgiveness is one of the key spiritual qualities we need to develop. We need to learn not to judge others and this is particularly difficult in relation to our parents. Failure to do this, however, will leave us feeling angry and bitter. We need to accept that this is the way they are even if we cannot accept the way they behave.

Even if you have ‘wonderful’ parents, this mirror will confront you with certain difficult challenges. For example, the death of a mother or father can be a traumatic experience for someone who is deeply attached to his or her parents. A child who loses a mother or father due to divorce or separation of their parents will feel hurt and abandoned. This can badly affect a person in their life until such time as they can release any resentment, anger or fear relating to their loss.


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