This mirror is the most difficult to understand and certainly the most difficult to accept. It reflects back to us all that is wrong in ourselves and all that is wrong in society. In this sense, it only reflects back to us what is within ourselves as individuals and as part of the human race.





Everything that happens in the world, however horrific it is, is simply a reflection of our collective conscious and unconscious thoughts and fears.

In this sense the external world is reflecting back to us  as the human race what we must do in order to develop a higher level of consciousness: in particular we need to develop love and compassion towards one another, ourselves, and the planet we live on. Compassion requires us to understand why people behave in the way that they do, and to change our own actions to encourage people to live with one another in harmony. Humanity is responsible for the poverty and suffering in the world, and for the destruction of our environment.

For example, on individual level, ask your self how your own actions contribute to world poverty. Where do the raw materials consumer products we buy come from and are the people who produced them treated fairly and paid fairly for their work? I think most of us already know the answer to this question. On a societal level, for example, where do the arms come form that kill and injure thousands of people every year, and what are we doing to stop these arms being produced and exported to unstable countries in the world.

Each of us is responsible in varying degrees for the inhumanity and suffering in the world. The manifest world is simply reflecting back to us the consequences of our lack of humanity, lack of compassion, and our alienation from the natural world. This mirror is telling us that we are all responsible for the state of the world. We are the creators of this mess and only we can change it.

With regard to our own personal life, we need to realize that our health and happiness are also our own responsibility. Most chronic diseases are a result or our own behaviour and the past actions of our ancestors. The same applies to our internal peace and happiness. We can start to improve our states of health and happiness by accepting that every thing that is happening to us right now is in one sense perfect. We are exactly where we need to be in order to learn the lessons we need to learn. The Tibetan Book of the Dead tells us that we chose to be born in a particular place and time and to be born to our particular parents (see the  fifth Essene Mirror).

Start on a personal level by loving your self exactly as you are, with all your imperfections. Be gentle and compassionate towards your self, and treat your self with the love and respect. Commit your self to develop within your self the qualities you would like to see in the world. Be the change you want to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi).

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