Tips on how to stay young


Your apparent age (rather than number of years you have been alive) is related to how flexible you are in the way you think, and how you choose to live your life. Once you become fixed in your ideas and thought processes – you begin to age very quickly. Most people who stay young still have a zest for life and are open to new ideas and new experiences.




Imagine yourself to be younger than your age.
Focus on health and youth. You probably have some negative beliefs about ageing, so you will need to challenge these beliefs.
Look after yourself physically.
Reduce the levels of damaging toxins and free radicals in your body; don’t smoke, only take medicinal drugs when necessary, get plenty of fresh air, drink plenty of clean water, and eat fruit and vegetables that help to detoxify the body.
Involve yourself in activities that keep your mind young and healthy. For example: learning a different language or playing a musical instrument.
Learn how to relax and have fun in your life; play games, sing and dance, climb trees, laze around in cafes or anything that takes your fancy. Don’t let your age stop you being child-like.


This advice is taken from my book ‘The Tree of Becoming: a guide to the seven principles of conscious healing and transformation’ available from: