Using the Sri Yantra

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The sri yantra is referred to in the ancient vedic scriptures of India, and has been used in hindu, buddhist and tantric traditions for thousands of years. It has similarities to the design of many temples and places of worship in India, and pyramids found in Egypt, Europe, Central America and elsewhere in the world.

The Sri Yantra is a powerful visual symbol representing the energy of creation responsible for both the cosmos (macrocosm) and life on earth (microcosm). It has four isosceles triangles with the apexes pointing upwards, symbolising Shiva or the masculine, and five isosceles triangles with the apexes pointing downward symbolising Shakti or the feminine. The triangles are of various sizes and intersect with one another. In the middle is the power point called bindu. This is the centre of consciousness from which the cosmos expands.

Meditating on the Sri Yantra will bring about a sense of oneness and unity with all creation. It will help you to connect with your own inner consciousness (atman) that is a part of the universal consciousness (Brahman). If you decide to use this powerful yantra, I would recommend that you use it in conjunction with the following prayer:

Bless me that I may
Fulfil my purpose on earth
And bring joy and happiness
To other beings and my self

You may find suggestions elsewhere that you use this yantra for attracting things that you think you need in life such as money, success and the perfect relationship. I recommend that you never use it with these specific intentions as this will not bring you happiness, and I believe it is a misuse of spiritual energy. You can use it to help you connect with cosmic consciousness (holy spirit), especially if you are seeking spiritual guidance in your life. When you meditate on this yantra try to be in a state of openness, or submission, ready to receive whatever guidance you need. See the important cautionary note at the end of Chapter 5 of my book ‘The tree of becoming’ relating to the temptations of Jesus by Satan to use his spiritual power for his own aggrandizement.

Source: My book ‘The tree of becoming’