Give spontaneously

Real love is unconditional and spontaneous. It is about all the little things that you do selflessly for others. A spontaneous smile given with no ulterior motive is a true act of love. Many of the benefits of unconditional love act at a subtle level of our being. By giving to others, we become connected to the outer world; our ego becomes less important, and we become less attached to ourselves. This creates a state of happiness and contentment that cannot be achieved by only striving to increase our own wellbeing or possessions.

Make a conscious effort to do one special thing for someone every day. The key thing is to deliberately choose to do something that will make someone else happy. That may or may not be something you want to do. Here are some ideas for special things you could do, but remember to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. What will make that person happy in this moment?

  • Call, e-mail, or visit someone you think may be lonely or having a difficult time.
  • Give things spontaneously to friends and people you meet.
  • Smile at and imagine sending love to people you like.
  • Let people know that you admire or respect them.
  • Give to charities that inspire you.
  • Feed wildlife such as birds and squirrels.
  • Celebrate other people’s successes and special occasions.
  • Help people who have a problem, especially those who cross your path.
  • Show compassion for people who are unhappy or sick.
  • Cuddle the cat or the dog.
  • Take care of lost or injured birds and
  • Wish people well and bless things and people around you.
  • Be pleasant to and respect people you meet.
  • Be there for people when they are going through a

Start with small things and spend time thinking about what you can do to make other people happy. You will be amazed how therapeutic this can be.

Composting your vegetables and replenishing the soil are also acts of giving, as is recycling natural resources and consumer items. Make these actions part of your life.

Look out for opportunities to give as they occur. It is a wonderful experience to give spontaneously; it opens the heart and creates a doorway for love to come into your life. Eventually, this becomes an automatic process whereby you give spontaneously to other people and the universe around you. Do not seek recognition or reward. Give for the love of giving and the pleasure you feel in your heart.

A good practice is to give anonymously to people you don’t know.




Source: ‘The Tree of becoming’ by Trevor Morris
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