The fourth Essene Mirror

The fourth Essene Mirror

Ancient spiritual texts refer to seven mirrors that reflect back to us our inner selves.



The FOURTH MIRROR is extremely powerful as it reflects back to us in no uncertain terms the effects of addictive and obsessive patterns of behaviour in our lives that are deeply ingrained in our psyche. These patterns are often established as a result of abuse or emotional deprivation in our childhood, or may be the continuation of past life experiences. In the both cases these patterns may be considered as karmic.





These patterns tend to control our lives and become addictive or compulsive in nature. They will often lead us to destroy the most important things in our lives, such as our family, career or self esteem. They include alcoholism, drug addiction, pornography, promiscuity, uncontrollable anger, eating disorders and compulsive lying.

This mirror is giving you a powerful message that your behaviour is destroying yourself and others around you. It reflects back to you the suffering and pain of other as a result of your actions, and the destructive nature of your actions on your own life. It provides you with the greatest challenges in your life to change at a deep level of your being. It is what Jesus meant when he advised us to repent from our sins. The true meaning of repentance is to transform our understanding at a deep level of our psyche. The actual word used in the New Testament is metanoia. The word derives from the ancient greek words μετά (meta) meaning ‘beyond’ or ‘after’ and νόος (noos) meaning ‘inner perception’ or ‘a deep subconscious understanding’. 

The first step to changing addictive/obsessive behaviour is to accept fully that you have a problem. The second step is to have a strong belief that you can and will transform this behaviour into more positive behaviour. Giving up obsessive behaviour will leave a massive hole in your life unless you develop new habits and interests to replace them.

Overcoming addictive and obsessive behaviour requires courage and determination and you should not be afraid to seek professional help.  In my view, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the 12 Step Program can all be extremely helpful.


Source: my own interpretation based on the information provided by Gregg Braden drawn from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Gregg Braden – The Seven Essene Mirrors of Relationship (15minutes)

Gregg Braden – Gregg Braden – The 7 Essene Mirrors (126 minutes)


There is  guidance in my book ‘The Tree of Becoming’ on how you can deal with addictions and transform your life.


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