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The tree of becoming

The Tree of Becoming


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This book contains a treasure trove of guidance, inspiration and practical exercises. It successfully draws upon a range of spiritual teachings and indicates how these are relevant and applicable today. Within these pages you will be delighted by the masterful arrangement of such topics as cultivating gratitude, giving and receiving love and creating a sense of well-being in your life. The book also provides a series of simple, enjoyable yet powerful exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily life.
Dr Melanie Chan, Author

Every major faith tradition urges us to live by the Golden Rule: to be to others as we would wish them to be to us. They often fall short, however, in giving practical help in actually doing this.  Self-help books, on the other hand, may give us practical guidance but often lack real spiritual substance. In ‘The Tree of Becoming’ Trevor Morris has very effectively addressed both the ideal and the practice of living from a centre of love.
Margaret Silf, Author

This book inspires and helps you to look at things differently, which is innovative and encouraging. The tree of becoming takes you from your own roots to help you to continue to grow in a healthy and balanced way. I highly recommend this book, which is really more than a book and more like having a best friend to help guide you as well as comfort you.
Rhona Clyne at Whispers of the Soul

A really useful self help book with guidance as to how we can help ourselves to keep healthy both mentally, spiritually and physically. It is easy to read and understand. Written in a personable way with lots of helpful sayings, quotes and practical exercises underpinned by theory. Each chapter is set out in the same format as the author takes the reader through the seven principles of conscious healing and transformation. Highly recommended.
Jane Vickers

The Tree of Becoming will transform your thinking. It is essential reading for anyone wishing to create health and happiness in their lives and in the lives of others. The principles are set out clearly and authoritatively, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
Jean Patrickson

“The Tree of Becoming” Great Book…First off, congratulations, this is really awesome. You have come up with an awesome book for newbies as it can be frustrating for beginners to know what to focus on. What an encouragement this book is for someone starting out to be able to follow step by step. You will learn how to use the seven principles of conscious healing and transformation to:

create love in your life:
radiate your own unique light into the world:
find peace within yourself:
create your vision for the future:
change habits that chain you to the past:
put your dreams into action:
enjoy and celebrate life.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.

Indërjit Singh Dhämräit

I must say that I have enjoyed reading ‘The tree of becoming’ a lot. It is very well structured, it gradually builds up, and it covers a lot of different aspects of healing and transformation. At the same time it is very practical in that it provides a lot of guidelines one can start working with right away. Some of these guidelines I was familiar with, but others raised my interest and were new to me, like for instance the fact that when you imagine being a new person, your brain cannot tell the difference between that and reality. That, among other things, is something worth exploring further.
Valentijn Vanderlinden